Our products can not be listed in a normal catalogue as they are special, and tailored on clients' request. They are designed and manufactured for specific purposes. In order to understand the advantages offered by O.M.G., you can have a look at the below which explains a series of "BASIC PROCEDURES" common for modern Working Centers, C.N.C., Transfer and Working cells:






These basic procedures can be carried out with standard equipment produced by the main international companies in the sector.

However, if you want to reduce your costs or improve your competitiveness and productivity, it is necessary ti combine various basic procedures in a single tool.

Our tools are designed for hard metal mechanically fixed small plates. In comparison with braze welded equipment, our tools are long-lasting: their edge is heavy-duty and they have quick indexing in case of breakdown or wearing. Expensive re-sharpening, which usually provokes a change in profile and in measures with changes in the machine's programs, is not necessary any more.

With our activity we aim at offering solutions to daily problems in chips-removal for different productive situations. O.M.G. wants to offer its best Know-How, and for this reason we design cutting-edge working cycles taking into account the kind of machines and tools used, and the elements to be produced.

Applied Hard Metal

With the general word "hard metal" we identify the composite Tungsten carbide filling (covered and not covered) and a series of specific cutting materials (on the bases of the processed material).

With aluminum we use PCD (Polycrystal Composite Diamond) but with cast iron we prefer Ceramic (Al2O3 ) and CBN -Cubic Boron Nitride- (used also for tempered steel).

These solutions are always changing and improving because we want to offer more reliability, better and long-lasting performances. They are also available with mechanical fixing.

When we get in touch with a new client we usually try to adapt to its technical-commercial needs taking into account the hard metal normally used. Our visin is: the client is new for us, but we must remember that s/he has been working for ages with a personal background.

In some cases, however, only a specific kind of insert can provide functionality. For this reason our Technical Office supports the client in making the right choice.


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